What Components Are Essential When Understanding Computer Speed?


computerThe speed of a computer can help understand overall health and performance of your system. There are two sets of numbers to look for that determines computer speed including the hard drive (RAM) and how fast the hard drive operates. In many cases you can review this information to get an idea of what is causing your system to run slow. Software is another element contributing to speed of a computer. The software can tell you most information about programs running and storage availability. The speed of your system tells how well laptop components such as hardware and software work together.

Basic Overview of CPU
CPU stands for central processing unit. This is known as a key component in a system. It plays a role on speed of the computer. The speed in this case is measured in different ways. It is measured in gigahertz part of what is called a clock cycle. This element plays a role in how the computer completes or delegates related tasks performed by the computer system. There are other components that help the CPU run, but sometimes such elements can cause CPU to slow down depending on hardware information and how data is transmitted. These elements can affect other elements of the computer such as the cache and other forms of memory access.

Ram Rate and Size
The RAM holds a good amount of information stored on a computer. This also helps the operating system gain access to this information quickly because of its location within the computer. RAM has speed components that allow data to be written and read in a specific time frame. There is another version of the RAM know as virtual RAM disk. This may have memory available but data accessed from this area may be slower to retrieve when data is not located in area considered consistent.

Hard Drive
This component has an effect on the speed aside from written and read operations related to space available on the drive. Elements here can be affected by an action known as disk defragmentation (defrag for short). Defrag may rearrange files to make the easier to access and make more room. The hard drive may need to look in different locations to find a file when it has been moved; slowing down the system.

Installation of Software
Certain forms of software can affect the speed of your device. Some are known to slow down a system and make it run slower. The memory of the computer loads information from the software when the computer starts up. There are elements that are necessary at startup because the help the operation, but some are not necessary and end up taking more memory than needed. One of my most favorite software programs will show you how to spy on text messages without installing software. Other good types of software would include Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, and many more! When you have better insight on how programs are managed in the system you can increase the speed. Users can learn which programs are not necessary when they restart and review options to improve speed performance.