How To Protect Your Child From Cyberbullying

Is your child being threatened or humiliated by one of their peers over text or social media? Cyberbullying is a major concern for many parents today. It’s only natural that you’re worried about your child possibly being a victim. As their parent, you want nothing more than to protect them from the physical, mental, and emotional aftereffects of bullying. Fortunately, you can when you take a look at their phone history. You’ll be able to see who they talk to online and learn more about their relationships with their peers.

Families become very affected by cyberbullying.
Cyberbullying takes a toll on both kids and parents.

How Does It Work?

To view your child’s phone history, you need to install a cell phone spy program onto it. It’ll record all incoming and outgoing texts, Internet history, photos, videos, and more. Even if your child deletes something from their phone, you’ll still be able to have access to it.

Here’s What You Can Do With It:

  • You can see the names and phone numbers of the people interacting with your child on their phone. You’ll be able to see if someone’s a stranger or if you know them. In addition, you can access your child’s entire phone history and contact list.
  • You can block calls and texts from specific numbers. For example, if you’re not sure who keeps frequently calling your child, you can block them from attempting to again. It’s a good way to keep your child safe from online predators.
  • This app lets you see all incoming and outgoing text messages on your child’s mobile device. So, you can see what your child and their friends are keeping from you. Plus, it’s good if you need hard evidence of cyberbullying for legal purposes.
  • By checking your child’s online activity, you can see what sites their frequently visiting and what kind of searches they look for. That means you can block any websites or content that’s inappropriate for them.