New Driverless Van Brings Groceries And More To Your Door

Driverless cars are still something that fascinates people even though they’ve been in use for several years now. But a new startup is taking the idea of driverless cars to the next level and combining them with commerce in a way that will make life easier for most people and could be life saving for others. It’s different than trying to find out how Highster Mobile works, but it’s still just as interesting.

Robomart, a new startup, is planning on leasing driverless vans that are specially built to hold groceries and other items, to stores who want to expand their services to delivery. But the high tech process will streamline ordering and give people the chance to pick out their own fruits and vegetables. It’s genius–yes, and I mean genius like the simplicity of how Highster Mobile works via your phone.

How It Works

The system is controlled by an app. Someone who wants to buy groceries can summon a Robomart van with the app. GPS will guide the closest van to the person’s house within minutes. Inside the van will be a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, prepared foods like salads and sandwiches, and grocery and household items. The vans can hold several hundred items thanks to the custom designed interior.

As easy as how highster mobile works.
Fresh fruits and veggies delivered to you door? Yes please!

When the van arrives the customer uses the app to unlock the van and scan the selection. They can pick out the exact fruits and vegetables they want along with any other items. Then they just close the door of the van. It locks automatically. The cost of the items is automatically deducted from their account through the app so they don’t need any cash. Then the van goes to the next user. See? Brilliant. And like I said, about as easy as how Highster Mobile works.

Who Will Benefit

There’s no doubt that the convenience of having groceries show up at your door is amazing. This is something that will be welcomed by busy parents, people who work from home, and many others. But this kind of technology will be life changing for people like the elderly, and the disabled who find it very difficult to get the store and may not be able to drive or walk around a store comfortably. Many seniors and others who have limited mobility end up eating take out or delivery food instead of healthy meals because they can’t get to the store to shop for healthy food. 

Robomart’s founder also sees the potential for other items to be delivered through Robomart vans like prescription medication for seniors or medical equipment. While grocery delivery isn’t a new concept this method of delivering fresh fruit and vegetables has not been tried before. The vans will be able to arrive quickly customers. They will be able to select fresh foods that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to easily get. The first Robomart is getting ready to roll and it will be really exciting to see how the service does.

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