Amazon Prime Is Becoming More Expensive

Amazon Prime 


Amazon is increasing the price of their Prime membership, because they can. Unsurprisingly, many people are complaining about it. However, I think it’s still totally worth it. The cost of an annual Amazon Prime membership went from $99 to $119 recently. If you are already a Prime member and you pay annually you won’t have to pay the increase until your current membership expires. What did you think of the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition? 

amazon prime
Amazon Packages

Of course, the Internet has its feelings about the increase. Social media is riddled with people complaining about the price increase. But I have no problem paying the extra $20 per year and you shouldn’t either. That’s around the cost of a cell phone spy app which is useful too. 

It’s Worth It For The Shipping


If you order from Amazon frequently like I do then it is worth it. You will probably save more than the cost of the membership just in the free shipping from Prime. I order from Amazon all the time, and I don’t order just small things. I order clothes, furniture, and even rugs. I never pay for shipping for any of it. That’s totally worth an extra $20 per year to me. Especially since I get free two day shipping instead of having to wait longer. 

Amazon Prime Video


The $20 increase is helping to pay for some of the fantastic programming that Amazon is creating. I’m happy to pay in order to keep getting great original series. The Man In The High Castle, Transparent, and the Lore TV show are just a few of the amazing  Amazon shows. Amazon is investing a lot of money in more original programming.

They are planning a Lord Of The Rings series done in a Game Of Thrones style that is going to cost millions to produce. If you like original programming than you don’t need a cable subscription. This makes Amazon Prime totally worth it. I also love being able to watch some of my favorite series like Downtown Abbey.


amazon prime
Woman receiving her Amazon order

Grocery Delivery


Now that Amazon has bought Whole Foods, you can get groceries delivered to you. It takes me longer than that to find a parking space at my local Whole Foods. I will gladly pay $120 a year to never again have to deal with people trying to steal the parking space I spent 30 minutes waiting for. The new driverless grocery van will deliver your groceries for you. 

When you look at all of the benefits that come with an Amazon Prime membership it’s a no-brainer. The membership is still a great deal even with the price increase. If you don’t order from Amazon frequently then the cost of the membership might not make sense for you. But if you rely on fast and free Amazon delivery, you’ll keep your membership.