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I’m Greg Lusk, the sole writer on Jovagema. I started it as a blog covering topics related to school computers, but I started writing about other devices that can be useful to students. Why do I focus on devices that can be used in the classroom? It’s because I’m a teacher myself. I’ve been teaching English and History to middle school students for the past 10 years. I started my teaching career in Wallingford, CT, and I’m happy to say that I’m still here.

Why Should Schools Care About Technology?

I’ve noticed that a lot of people, including parents and teachers, have a knee-jerk reaction against children using technology. They treat it like it’s some kind of evil tool that will cause kids to be lazy and fail in school. Sure, electronics have that kind of potential, but so does almost anything else. It’s all about using these devices responsibly and in moderation.

The fact is, our world is very quickly being taken over by technology. And the next generation needs to understand how to use it to their advantage. The Internet isn’t just for games and social media – kids can research topics they’re interested in, learn more about colleges they want to attend, and more. They can do all of these things on their school computers, but they need to feel comfortable using them.

Technology Is A Beautiful Thing

I don’t think technology is something that needs to be feared. Instead, we should all learn to use it responsibly, whether we’re using school computers or posting information about ourselves online. So, I’m asking you to keep an open mind. The more you and your child understand how all of these new innovations work, the more you can benefit from them. There are also dangers, such as cyberbullying, that are associated with technology. Ignoring them won’t make them go away. And that’s why we all need to educate ourselves and embrace these changes in society.

However, if you disagree, I’d be interested in hearing your opinion. You can shoot me an email by clicking this link.